Balehu Recruits Digital Media Leaders

Balehu Recruits Digital Media Leaders to Bring Blockchain Technology to Local Marketing

Balehu announces the addition of two key executives to their team as they gear up for the launch of their BalehuBucks token Crowdsale. Frederick Townes joins as Chief Technical Officer, and Kevin Meilinger steps in as Director of Marketing.

Townes has long been applying his technical experience as both a developer and entrepreneur to transform industries, like his hand in digital media as founding CTO of Mashable or the real estate industry with Placester, which he co-founded and helped scale as COO and President. Townes’ broad base of expertise has flourished via working with organizations of all sizes on multiple continents, from Coca-Cola and Staples, to Sony and Microsoft. Townes will be leading the development of Balehu’s blockchain systems as well as overseeing improvements to their digital marketing tools and consumer app.

“Small businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of our economy and the democratization of tools that empower SMBs is something that I’ve always been passionate about. I’m thrilled to help drive the platform forward using cryptocurrency, engaging user experiences, and other growth tools available on our platform.”